Distributed Virtualized Infrastructure for Next generation internet Experimentation

The Distributed Virtualized Infrastructure for Next-generation internet Experimentation (DiVINE) is an experimental facility developed by CREATE-NET Center to facilitate research and innovation activities for the Internet of the Future.

DiVINE is designed to offer a cutting-edge facility to experiment Next Generation Internet (NGI) solutions involving multiple technologies (5G, NFV, MEC, Fog Computing, Cloud) in selected application scenarios like Smart Cities, Smart Digital Industry, Health & Well-being and Environment & Energy, among the key strategic objectives of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

DiVINE is aimed at building a common playground that covers a set of different Internet technologies labs, including:

• an IoT infrastructure enabling rapid-prototyping experimentations based on open-hardware technologies like Arduino/Raspberry Pi. In particular the infrastructure is leveraging on two deployments (one indoor and one outdoor) based on license-free LoRa and LoRaWAN technologies.

• a 5G-ready programmable infrastructure composed by (i) an NFV-enabled wireless/mobile access network based on femto base stations (ETTUS SDR and srsLTE open source technologies) and WiFi (PCEngines Alix 2d2); (ii) an SDN-controlled backhaul network based on P4-enabled switches.

• a private Cloud infrastructure running OpenStack, Docker and Kubernetes.

DiVINE is currently deployed across three different sites in the municipality of Trento with its main Network Operating Center located within CREATE-NET premises. The infrastructure is interconnected with both GEANT backbone via GARR connectivity as well as with the Trentino Network digital infrastructure based on (i) an MPLS backbone network composed of 92 Point of Presence (PoP) spawning the entire Trento Province and (ii) a Broadband Wireless Access network (BWA), with more that 1500 WiFi access points covering most of the municipalities in Trentino.

DiVINE has multi-fold objectives:

• integrate into a unique platform all the experimental prototypes developed within and CREATE-NET projects leveraging on key inter-related domains like IoT, 5G, fog/edge and SDN/NFV;

• demonstrate to potential commercial partners the capability of CREATE-NET to develop and deploy Next Generation Internet solutions that can scale out and trigger new business cases;

• engage third-parties developers to contribute to specific community-based (open-source) solutions in the expertise domains of the Center.